We specialise in eyelash extensions - it's our passion! Whether you want a natural look or full 'n' flirty, we can cater for even the most lash obsessed client. With over 10 years of experience, we use and sell our own high quality products and use a special technique to create any look you desire.


*Collagen eye treatment included and gentle tape applied. 

New Set

Natural Classic Individuals - $99  (20 per eye)

Volume Classic Individuals - $119 (40+ per eye)

Russian Volume 2-5D - $119

Lash Infills

All infills - $80

*4 weeks and over will be charged as a new set


Specially formulated glue solvent to remove extensions with no damage to your natural lashes.

Soak off - $35 

Soak off with new set - $25

Peel off (1/3 or less  remaining) - $15

Lash Extensions